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I will be an Assistant Professor in the Department of Strategy and Innovation at Copenhagen Business School from fall 2024. I received my PhD in Management at ESSEC Business School. My research interests include non-market strategy, corporate political activities, and global institutions. 

I study how firms perceive and adapt to changes in the formal institutional environment, particularly in the international context. My current research explores how firms respond to legal and geopolitical changes in the international institutional environment. Additionally, in my future work, I am interested in exploring how firms strategize about conflictual demands from regulators.

One of my papers was awarded the finalist for the Georgetown Best Paper Award in International Business and Policy in the IM Division at the Academy of Management Annual Conference 2022. I also won the Best Proposal Prize in the Stakeholder Strategy IG at the Strategic Management Society Annual Conference 2022.

Si Cheng, Coco, ESSEC
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